Online Marketing is a very important part of your online success. A fancy looking website, with all the bells and whistles does NOT guarantee success!

successful websites are the end result of effective marketing strategies

Think about it: Once your great new website is complete, who actually knows it exists, or where to find it?

It seems that these days everyone knows a spotted “whizzkid” who’s an “internet boffin”, and who: designs web pages for next to zip, and can hook you up with cheap hosting and the works! Why not just get him/her to slap together a website for you? Ok, but is that the road to online success?

can you expect your phone to ring if the number is not advertisedConsider a simple illustration:

Bob goes down to the local Vodacom Shop to open a cellphone contact, and heads back to the office where he puts his new cellphone down in the middle of his desk, and waits for it to ring…

Is it going to ring? NO! And why not? Because nobody knows his number yet! The same can be (roughly) applied to the web.
Nobody is going to visit your website if it’s not well marketed online!

will the best and most expensive cellphone increase the amount of calls you receiveNow, consider: Will the odds of Bob’s cell ringing improve if went out and got the biggest, coolest, best, flashy cellphone that money can buy? Again, the answer is NO! It may be more fun for him to use, but it is not going to directly increase the amount of calls he receives.

So, we can say in summary that good looks are very nice, but it is important that they do not sacrifice the marketability of the website. Flashy graphics may look great, but should NOT be used to the detriment, or sacrifice of search engine ranking, block web spiders, or interfere with usability! Your website should above all be easy to use, load fast, and look neat. Linking with related services, and other local websites is extremely important.

Never forget the very purpose of your website!

Over the past few years we have gathered extensive experience in online marketing, and realized first hand just how much online marketing differs from conventional marketing. Let us take your business by the hand, and guide you on the road to online success.